There are five key missions on the development of the Chinese Medicine Hospital (CMH):

Medical Services

The CMH is tasked to provide quality Chinese Medicine (CM) services including inpatient, day-patient, outpatient and community services. Its services will cover primary, secondary and tertiary care with a view to promoting the development of specialised CM services. In addition, the CMH will establish a referral system with existing CM and western medicine (WM) service providers to strengthen collaboration. The CMH will identify specific priority disease areas where CM has advantages for strategic development.

Training and Education

On the aspect of training and education, the CMH will collaborate with the academia and other related institutions, providing specific healthcare training and education opportunities to related local CM and WM professionals.


In relation to the promotion of research, a Clinical Trial and Research Centre will be set up to conduct high-standard clinical trials (Phase I and II) for the development of CM and new proprietary Chinese medicines (中成藥).


On collaboration, the CMH will be an integral part of the healthcare system of Hong Kong and establish partnership and collaboration with relevant parties in both healthcare and non-healthcare sectors. The CMH will establish linkage, exchange and partnership with counterparts in both the Mainland and overseas regions for the promotion of CM development. The CMH together with the Chinese Medicine Clinics cum Training and Research Centres will build a platform to facilitate service development, patient flow, knowledge flow and talent flow, and enhance partnership and collaboration in service, training, education and research.

Creating Health Values

On creating health values, the CMH will, through evidence-based research, develop new clinical uses, widen clinical applications and extend clinical outcomes of CM. It will promote the health values of CM to the public by enhancing understanding of CM, the adoption of CM approaches in daily living and the use of CM services in maintaining good health.