Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU) – The Contractor


HKBU is the pioneer of Chinese medicine (CM) higher education in Hong Kong, and it is the first higher education institution in Hong Kong to offer CM programmes funded by the University Grants Committee.  Over the past 20 years, HKBU has been advocating a new Chinese medicine hospital with CM playing a predominant role.  The dream has now come true upon the award of the operation service deed (for a maximum of 15 years) of the new Chinese Medicine Hospital by the Government in June 2021.  HKBU will spare no effort in collaborating with the Government, academia, industry, and the Chinese Medicine Clinics cum Training and Research Centres in the 18 districts to provide quality Chinese medicine services to the public upon hospital operation in 2025.

The Management Team


A team of highly experienced personnel to support the Contractor in managing the Project and delivering the Hospital Services throughout the Commissioning Period, the Service Period and the Service Extension Period (as applicable). They act as advisory board and report to the VPAS of HKBU, supported by the members of Planning Office for the CMH.

The Contractor Management Team The Contractor Management Team
Vice-President (Administration) and Secretary
Ms Christine OW CHOW Ms Christine OW CHOW
Ms. Christine OW CHOW
Management Team
Prof SUN Prof SUN
Prof. SUN Feng

Prof Li Prof Li
Prof. LI Min

Dr. YANG Junjun
Prof. WANG Yongqin