Prof Bian Prof Bian
Professor Bian Zhaoxiang 

Hospital Chief Executive 

Professor Bian Zhaoxiang is a leading expert in Chinese Medicine clinical studies, a highly regarded Chinese Medicine research scientist in the field of gut dysbiosis, and a passionate advocate for the integration of Chinese Medicine into holistic healthcare system. 

Professor Bian’s academic pursuit at Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine, where he obtained a degree in Chinese Medicine. He then pursued a Master of Philosophy in Chinese Medicine from Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, followed by a Doctor of Philosophy in Integrative Medicine from Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine.

Since joining HKBU in 2001, Professor Bian has held various positions, including the Tsang Shiu Tim Endowed Professor in Chinese Medicine Clinical Studies, Director and Chair Professor of the Clinical Division, Director of the Centre for Chinese Herbal Medicine Drug Development, Director of the Chinese EQUATOR Centre, and Director of the Vincent VC Woo Chinese Medicine Clinical Research Institute. 

As HKBU’s Associate Vice-President for Chinese Medicine Development, Professor Bian has played an instrumental role throughout the tendering and commissioning process of the CMH. In his capacity as the CMH’s Hospital Chief Executive, Professor Bian will lead the Core Management Team, healthcare professionals, and all other hospital staff in achieving the hospital’s missions and fulfilling the commitments outlined in the service deed.

Mr Cheung Chun-hoi 

Deputy Hospital Chief Executive (Chinese Medicine)                

Prior to joining the CMH, Mr Cheung held the position of Associate Director of the Clinical Division at the School of Chinese Medicine in HKBU. Throughout his professional journey, he has gained extensive experience in clinical practice, administrative management, and research execution.

Mr Cheung holds a double degree in Bachelor of Chinese Medicine and Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Biomedical Science double-degree, along with a Master of Chinese Medicine from HKBU. He actively contributes to the advancement of Chinese Medicine in Hong Kong and holds positions such as the Vice-President of Hong Kong Registered Chinese Medical Practitioners Association, Committee Member of both Registration Committee and Disciplinary Committee of Chinese Medicine Practitioners of the Chinese Medicine Council of Hong Kong, etc. During the challenging period of the COVID-19 pandemic in Hong Kong, he played a pivotal role in establishing and operating the HKBU Chinese Medicine Telemedicine Centre Against COVID-19 and Kai Tak Holding Centre in 2022.

In his new role as the Deputy Hospital Chief Executive (Chinese Medicine) at the CMH, Mr Cheung will provide leadership to the Chinese Medicine Division and support Western Medicine as well as Integrated Chinese-Western Medicine research and education.

Dr Lau Chun-wing Arthur 

Deputy Hospital Chief Executive (Western Medicine)  

Dr Lau brings a wealth of experience in clinical service and hospital administration to his role at the CMH. He has extensive working and training experience in respiratory medicine, critical care medicine, and internal medicine. Prior to joining CMH, he held dual roles as the Service Director (Quality & Safety) of the Hong Kong East Cluster under the Hospital Authority and as the Deputy Hospital Chief Executive at the Pamela Youde Nethersole Eastern Hospital.

Dr Lau obtained his Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery from The University of Hong Kong. He is a specialist in Respiratory Medicine and holds fellowships from the Hong Kong Academy of Medicine, Hong Kong College of Physicians, and the Royal College of Physicians (Edinburgh). 

In his role as the Deputy Hospital Chief Executive (Western Medicine) at the CMH, Dr Lau will provide leadership to the Western Medicine Division and support Chinese Medicine as well as integrated Chinese-Western medicine research and education.

Ms Chon Mei-chun Ellie

General Manager (Nursing) 

Ms Chon possess 30 years of nursing experience and has 15 years held the senior management positions in leading nursing divisions in private hospitals. Prior to joining the CMH, she held the position of Director of Nursing (DON) at Gleneagles Hospital Hong Kong and act the role of Country DON under their international private healthcare group, IHH Health.

Ms Chon attained her Registered Nurse qualification in Hong Kong and holds a Bachelor of Nursing degree and further pursued a Master of Business Administration in Health Services Management. She holds the fellowship in Medicine – Infection Control from the Hong Kong Nursing Academy and Advanced Practice Nurse under Management of Nursing from the Nursing Council of Hong Kong. 

In her role as the General Manager (Nursing), Ms Chon will provide leadership to the Nursing Division and play a crucial role in facilitating the development and training of nursing profession as well as supporting the service planning and implementation of the CMH.

Mr Lui Ka-ho Leo

General Manager (Finance)  

Mr Lui has extensive experience in the healthcare industry covering a spectrum of strategic management roles in finance, accounting and medical business operations.

Mr Lui holds Bachelor of Science degree in Molecular Biotechnology from The Chinese University of Hong Kong. He is also a Certified Public Accountant of the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants.

As the General Manager (Finance), Mr Lui is responsible for developing and implementing strategic financial management of the Hospital and overseeing financial performance of the CMH to optimize resource management and enhance efficiency and effectiveness across the CMH.