Hong Kong Chinese Medicine Hospital announces appointments of Core Management Team members

24 Jan 2024

The first Chinese Medicine Hospital (CMH) in Hong Kong announced the appointments of its Core Management Team members.  At the meeting of the Board of Directors of the HKBU Chinese Medicine Hospital Company Limited today (24 January), the appointment of Professor Bian Zhaoxiang as the Hospital Chief Executive was approved with immediate effect.

The appointments of the six Core Management Team members of the CMH are as follows:

Professor Bian Zhaoxiang     Hospital Chief Executive
Mr Cheung Chun-hoi            Deputy Hospital Chief Executive (Chinese Medicine)
Dr Lau Chun-wing                  Deputy Hospital Chief Executive (Western Medicine)
Ms Ellie Chon Mei-chun        General Manager (Nursing)
Mr Leo Law Kwong-kuen       General Manager (Administrative Services & HR)
Mr Leo Lui Ka-ho                     General Manager (Finance)

Hospital Chief Executive Professor Bian Zhaoxiang is currently the Associate Vice-President (Chinese Medicine Development) at Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU). Over the years, Professor Bian has been involved in scientific research, clinical service, as well as learning and teaching in Chinese medicine in the Mainland and Hong Kong. He has long dedicated himself to the clinical research on Chinese herbal medicine and basic clinical studies, and the development of essential areas such as the standardisation of clinical trial, new Chinese medicine discoveries, and the synergy between Chinese and Western medicine.

Please refer to the Appendix for the biographies of the six Core Management Team members.

Mr Huen Wong, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the HKBU Chinese Medicine Hospital Company Limited, said: “Professor Bian Zhaoxiang has a wealth of experience in Chinese medicine teaching, clinical services and research. I am delighted that Professor Bian and other Core Management Team members are now on board. They will work together and devote themselves to the launch of Hong Kong’s first CMH which has been long awaited. I firmly believe that the CMH can rally the industrial, academic and research forces in Chinese medicine in Hong Kong, the Mainland and beyond, and facilitate the development of Chinese medicine as an essential part of the city’s comprehensive healthcare system.”

Professor Bian said: “I am honoured to be appointed the first Hospital Chief Executive of Hong Kong’s CMH. The Hospital’s management team will collaborate closely with the Government, the academia, the industry and other local, Mainland and overseas partners to develop the CMH as the flagship in clinical service, teaching and training, scientific research, multi-lateral collaborations, and the creation of value for health, and devote itself to promoting further development of Chinese medicine.”

The CMH, located in Pak Shing Kok, Tseung Kwan O, which spans across a vast 4.29-hectare area, is expected to commence its service in phases starting from late 2025. HKBU was selected by the Government in June 2021 as the contractor for the service deed of the CMH, and has incorporated the HKBU Chinese Medicine Hospital Company Limited responsible for operating the hospital.

Construction of the hospital is currently progressing smoothly. Simultaneously, preparations are underway for the development of the Hospital Information Technology System, equipment procurement, and personnel recruitment, all in accordance with the established timeline.

Infused with rich Chinese medicine elements, the layout and architectural design of the hospital project emphasises the harmonious coexistence of modern Chinese medicine and traditional Chinese culture. The hardware of the CMH includes 70 consultation rooms, 400 beds (catering for day care, in-patient, paediatric and clinical studies), medical equipment of various applications, and Western medicine supplementary facilities; in terms of its software, the Hospital will introduce artificial intelligence technology (such as smart pharmacy), leverage wireless technology (such as remote consultation), deploy automation systems (such as autonomous mobile robot system) to establish itself as a user-friendly smart hospital.

The CMH will also promote the standardisation and internationalisation of Chinese medicine through the application of technology and digitalisation. Integrating the strengths and advantages from different areas, the CMH will bring Hong Kong’s Chinese medicine service and scientific research to the world stage and share its accomplishments worldwide, realising its dual role of being the “flagship” and “change driver” of Chinese medicine.

The services offered by the CMH can be categorised as being based on “pure Chinese medicine”, “Chinese medicine playing the predominant role” and “Integrated Chinese-Western medicine”. These pioneering service modes will start a new chapter in Hong Kong’s healthcare system. The Chinese medicine concepts of “health preservation”, “inspecting, listening and smelling, questioning, and palpating”, and the provision of personalised medicine also offer unique benefits in effective disease prevention, and treatment and rehabilitation, covering both personal health and community health. Proprietary Chinese medicines developed through clinical research hold huge promise for treating common diseases as well as complicated illnesses, to the benefit of the general public.

Mr Huen Wong, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the HKBU Chinese Medicine Hospital Company Limited (centre), and the six Core Management Team members. They are Professor Bian Zhaoxiang, Hospital Chief Executive (3rd right); Mr Cheung Chun-hoi, Deputy Hospital Chief Executive (Chinese Medicine) (3rd left); Dr Lau Chun-wing, Deputy Hospital Chief Executive (Western Medicine) (2nd right); Ms Ellie Chon Mei-chun, General Manager (Nursing) (2nd left); Mr Leo Law Kwong-kuen, General Manager (Administrative Services & HR) (1st right); and Mr Leo Lui Ka-ho, General Manager (Finance) (1st left).